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Published June 29, 2021


1) Tax work is delivered to us.

2) The job is added to our jobflow system and allocated to an accountant for completion.

Where possible we will allocate your work to the accountant that completed your tax work for the prior year, however, to ensure that the return is processed in a timely manner we may reallocate it.

3) A confirmation email is sent out to advise turnaround time.

4) The job is completed by your accountant. While undertaking your work the accountant will take the following steps:

a. Review the documents for any missing information and send queries where appropriate.

b. Look for further deductions that may be available or opportunities to increase your wealth.

c. Note any published/proposed changes in tax or other related legislation that may affect your return or financial situation in the current or future years.

d. Copy relevant source documents for our files.

(Not all documents will be copied. It is your responsibility to maintain tax records for audit purposes for 5 years after the Notice of Assessment’s date of issue).

5) The return is finalised in preparation for review – this step involves referencing every item entered on your tax return against an item on our indexed work papers.

When changes are made to the tax return after it has been prepared for signing this step is repeated for the revised return.

As this can take some time, we appreciate the effort that clients make to ensure that all information relevant to the return is dropped into us and is correct before it is finalised.

6) The job is reviewed by a Manager/Partner. When the job is passed back to your accountant they will compile the documents for you to sign and invoice work based on the time spent on the job.

7) Your tax return/financials are sent out for signing.

8) For businesses once the return is signed and lodged we ensure that you have details of any payments required. This job is now closed.

For individuals once signed and lodged, we maintain the job on our jobflow and wait for the Notice of Assessment (NOA) to be issued. This task is managed by our reception staff. Generally, the NOA will take 2-3 weeks to issue by the ATO.

We can only question the ATO on the progress of the return 28 days from lodgement due to ATO service standards. We have systems in place to ensure that we follow up on it after this time.

When the NOA issues we check it against our estimate and follow up any discrepancies with the ATO before sending you a detailed explanation. If the NOA matches our estimate, then the NOA will be sent out to you upon receipt in our office.

Once the NOA is received and processed then we close the job on our system.

ATO Payment Arrangements for tax debts can be organised by our team. This service is charged according to the time spent setting up the arrangement based on our administrative services hourly charge rate.