Callaghans Asset Finance

Callaghans can assist clients with financing cars, commercial vehicles, plant and equipment, motorcycles, etc.
Currently, we use two lenders for asset finance: Macquarie Leasing and CBA. Interest Rates are as low as 4.99% and 4.49% respectively.
We are able to arrange novated leases, chattel mortgages, CHPs and consumer loans.
The online application is quick and easy. The Borrower can find a car on the weekend and be driving it by Wednesday with our speedy services.


Callaghans Asset Finance


We also have access to a Car Buying Service – Vehicle Select.
Vehicle Select provides excellent deals on new cars (all makes and models) via a wide network of National Dealerships.
Our Consumer Loans are for the purchase of a motor vehicle offer rates as low as 7.55%.

Why choose Callaghans for asset finance?
Callaghans are often the client’s Accountant. As their Accountant, we are in a unique position to advise the client on asset finance.
Clients can expect the same high level of client service that they receive from the Callaghans Accounting Team.
Other services the Callaghans Financial Services Team provides are: tax benefit analysis, competitive interest rates, pre-approvals, and hassle free asset purchase.


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