Aged Care Cost & Finance Advice

Callaghans can provide financial clarity on aged care and retirement village decisions

We entered the market of aged care financial advice due to the growing needs of our clients and others in the Canberra and regional community.

Callaghans can discuss and explain costs associated with retirement village living, home care packages, and full time aged care in a residential facility.  We can also help you consider the financial impact of different options when making a move for either yourself or a loved one.

Many people find understanding the financial aspects of the retirement and aged care system so daunting that they will avoid it until a critical situation arises.  Decisions may then need to be undertaken quickly at a stressful and emotional time.  Having a plan in place can help alleviate financial concerns so focus can be directed on the situation at hand.

There is a widely circulated myth that selling the family home is always required to pay for entry into aged care, but this is often not the case.

Callaghans Partners Elleot Politch and Kylie White are our specialists at Callaghans in this area.  Appointments are available to discuss how they can help you or your family have financial certainty about the options available.  Both are qualified CPA accountants and have undertaken vocational training in aged care finance. They also have personal experience in retirement living decisions and aged care.

Benefits of Our Services

$440 General Consultation with Elleot Politch or Kylie White (untimed)

During the consultation we’ll discuss the general costs relevant to your personal situation incorporating home and respite care, full time aged care, and/or retirement village living. We’ll also go through the contributing factors to the aged care means test and how this might affect your aged care costs/pensions.  If further analysis of your financial position is of value then clients can progress to our other services such as the cash flow review.

$990 Aged Care (Home Care or Full Residential Care) Fees Review and Cash Flow


Strategy Review Fixed Quote on Request for up to 5 strategy options over 5 years (with accompanying information as to aged care costs and factors to consider)

Forward Planning

Timely planning enables transition into aged care with ease, choice and dignity

Simplicity in a confusing area

We provide a central point for concerns and discussion and can provide accurate and relevant information based on your unique situation.

An Impartial voice

We act as an independent voice during family discussions and can offer impartial options and solutions based on our experience to help agree on a way forward.

Creation of a pathway to follow

Clients are able to understand the decisions and actions needed to secure the appropriate level of care and get the new resident safe and secure as soon as possible.

Big picture thinking

Full advice is based on a complete understanding of our client’s situation – unwanted and unknown consequences can be avoided as much as possible

Confidence and peace of mind

Professional advice will ensure that you are able to make informed decisions with confidence

Family cohesion and consultation

Minimise the potential for family disputes with a review of estate planning issues in conjunction with aged care decisions.